Hairpearl is our tinting product of choice, having been created in Germany over 25 years ago, it has proven itself to be a superior tint for lashes and brows due to its longevity and trueness of colour.


Eyebrow Design
A skilled therapist will listen to your needs and design your brows according to individual face and eye shape. Utilising hot film wax and tweezing.


Eyebrow Colour
Discuss with your therapist your desired colour and we can blend to suit from the hair pearl range.



Eyebrow Design & Colour
A design to suit your face shape and a colour to enhance.



Eyelash Colour
Available in a range of colours from browns to blue/black.



The Eye Works
The ultimate eye experience. Rejuvenate your eyes with an Eyelash and Brow Colour followed by a Brow Design.



The Ultimate eye treatment
For tired puffy eyes, the ultimate treatment includes cleanse and eye massage and the application of a heated mask, finished off with a specialised eye serum for optimal results.



Party Lash extensions
For a temporary fuller look to the lashes, ideal for a special occasion, using pre-made fans for light volume, made to last for up to 10 days.



Closed Eye

Lash Lift
Lash lifting is designed to open and accentuated the eyes, the lashes are lifted and lightly curled to open the eye and give the appearance of a longer more fuller lash.



$65.00 with a lash colour

Henna Brow Design and Colour
Using cosmetic grade Henna by  Irina Levchuk, we can give the brow a structured bold look with an individualised blend of coloured Henna, the brows will be cleansed and exfoliated , shape will be corrected and henna applied, henna can last on the skin for up to 14 days and on the hair for up to 6 weeks.



Brow Lamination
The newest treatment for styled brows.  This treatment uses similar products to lash lifting to set brows for a more manageable brow routine, it can also add volume to sparse, thinning brows, and tame unruly wiry brows. This treatment includes a tint.